"Ignore it! Selectively looking the other way can decrease problem behaviors and increase parenting satisfaction."                     - Catherine Pearlman, parenting expert 
Common interventions for children with ADHD

Deena provides parent training, one-on-one therapy with children, and works directly with school staff to create an environment most conducive to the child's success.

Deena's approach is to empower parents, given the crucial role that they play in helping their children achieve successful behavior. Wherever the child spends the most time is where the real work must be done, be it at home or at school. The treatment plan with the best chance at success will be coordinated between all the environments where the child spends time. Deena helps parents and other caregivers:

  • Create rules in the home or at school - post them in a prominent location - keep them simple and clear

  • Use charts to track behavior, cooperation, homework

  • Create clear contingencies ahead of time

    • how will appropriate behavior rewarded​

    • what consequences will occur as a result of which behaviors

  • Parent training will focus on basic skills that can be applied in a range of situations. These practices should ideally be used by all adults who interact with the child.

    • catch your child being good - praise appropriate behaviors, ignore mild inappropriate behaviors

    • use positive language​ - tell your child what YES to do, avoid telling your child what NOT to do

    • choose your battles - not everything can be addressed simultaneously, first target the difficulties that are most important to you or that are the most disruptive to your household

    • give clear directives with clear expectations - use short sentences, and only ask a question if the child has a real choice in how to respond ("do you want to get dressed now?" shows them they have a choice, vs. "please get dressed now" clearly shows that they must listen)

    • make sure your child is paying attention - call your child's name and make sure you have eye contact before talking to them

    • be sure your instructions are understood - after telling them something, ask your child to repeat it back to you

  • Ideal behavior plans will be applied across all areas of the child's life: school, therapy, community, and home.

    • Deena provides guidance and training for all individuals who work with and live with your child.

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