"There are no problems. There are only solutions waiting to happen." 
 - Rochelle Shoretz, Founder, Sharsheret​​

Find Effective Solutions

1. Assessment and Action Plan
Finding a solution starts with seeing the whole picture. Every intervention begins with a parent meeting, a child assessment, and if necessary, a meeting with school staff or other caregivers.

Deena works hand-in-hand with parents to come up with a plan of action that fits their child's needs, as well as their lifestyle, budget and schedule. 
2. ​One-on-One with Your Child
Getting up close and personal with your child and working with him or her in the home or school environment is the meat and potatoes of effective behavior intervention. The process begins with a needs-assessment, followed by hands-on intervention at home or in school, to improve behavior in real-time and in real-life situations.

Unlike traditional therapy which takes place in a therapist's private office, Deena believes strongly in working with her clients in their natural environment. This allows her to see her client's behaviors in action, in non-clinical settings, and teach them techniques that they can immediately put into action.

Deena has extensive experience in coordinating, training, and supervising intervention teams - groups of junior specialized therapists who work intensively with children with autism spectrum disorders or other severe disabilities, targeting multiple areas of development simultaneously. Deena works closely with the parents to build an academic and behavior curriculum that specifically fits the needs of their child and their family. She will recommend staff members, train and supervise them, and follow and update the curriculum as needed.
3. Parent Training
No one was born an effective, experienced parent. Being the best parent you can be takes more than desire and more than lots of hard work. It takes effective parenting skills.
Deena has spent many years teaching hundreds of parents effective techniques to raising their kids in a loving environment with healthy boundaries. 
Learn techniques such as: the power of positive parenting, how to create structure in your home, using effective communication, setting appropriate boundaries for different ages, using appropriate consequences that work, how to take control, how to keep your cool when emotions run high, and more.   
4. Classroom Intervention
Every teacher knows that one out-of-control child can turn a classroom upside-down. And the tension and frustration at school will inevitably be carried into the home (and vice versa).
Deena works with children in both their school and home environments, to coordinate consistent interventions so that kids have the follow-through they need to effectively learn better behavior and achieve success at school as well as in the home. In addition, by working directly with teachers and school staff, Deena helps them implement behavior-change techniques to bring out the best in their students.
5. Group Trainings
Group training is an excellent medium to learn the basics of behavior intervention. Hearing that other families experience similar challenges with their kids is very affirming for parents who have felt alone before their group participation.
Deena runs parent training workshops, often hosted in private homes, for parents interested in a cost effective way to learn about practical solutions and how to apply behavior intervention techniques in their home.
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Deena Singer

Behavior Analyst


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